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Elizabeth “Dr. E” Lombardo, Ph.D.

Transform Stress
Into Success

With insights and action steps from celebrity psychologist, author, and motivational speaker, Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo.

The world isn’t full of stress.
We are!

We’re constantly surrounded by a thousand little agitators—and more than a few full-blown stress inducers. Job pressures, family commitments, unending notifications, an overflowing inbox, and more vie for our brain space and fight to push us into the full-blown “Red Zone” of high stress


of employees

say they've experienced burnout
at their current job


of workers

report that they suffer from
work-related stress


of humans

Can benefit from mindset training that shifts the script on the role stress plays in our performance, health, and happiness.

You can’t eliminate stress.

But you can make it your ultimate superpower.

FACT #1: Stress—and its influence on our performance and perspective—is all in our heads. It is a response to a perceived threat or an anxiety-inducing narrative.

FACT #2: Stress impacts the health, productivity, and well-being of individuals, teams, and organizations. But this impact doesn’t always have to skew negative!

FACT #3: By shifting our mindset and optimizing our stress responses, we can finally train our brains to work for us, not against us. 

Stop seeing red. 
Start seeing results.

With over 20 years of experience in peak performance psychology and neuroscience, Dr. E helps audiences, organizations, and individuals transform stress into success.

Performance Consulting

Increase your organization’s well-being, engagement, and talent retention with stress optimization tools tailored to your teams.

Results-Driven Keynotes

Leveraging neuroscience research and perspective-shifting mindset strategies, Dr. E’s signature keynotes help your audience get out—and stay out!—of the high-stress “Red Zone.” 

Purposeful Resources 

Explore Dr. E’s latest stress psychology research, mindset tips, and leadership tools for mastering your Mindset— and your performance potential. 

What people-first organizations say about

“America’s Most-Trusted Celebrity Psychologist”

“Elizabeth rocked the room at our event! We brought together a powerful group of women business leaders, and Elizabeth gave them actionable ideas to build even greater success while entertaining and inspiring them at the same time - no easy task. “

Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP


“Elizabeth brought such energy and professionalism to the summit, and we look forward to working with her on future events.”

 Cass Brownlow Davies
Corporate Partnerships Manager, 
ThinkTank Media


“Elizabeth was received very well!! She was full of excitement and vitality. Elizabeth left the group with positive thoughts and tools to take with them. I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed having her speak to our group.

Terry Cox
National Cardiovascular Partners


elizabeth lombardo psychologist

On a mission to change how we 
think, feel, and talk about stress

As a peak performance psychologist, author, motivational speaker, and stress optimization expert, I’ve spent over 20 years researching and applying proven neuroscientific principles as the key to energizing professional success and a profoundly fulfilling life.

Today, I have the privilege of sharing these insights with executives, celebrities, athletes, Fortune 500 companies, and audiences around the world. Together, we’re reshaping the conversation around stress, burnout, and performance.

My goal isn’t to stress-proof your life. It’s to show you how to use stress to your advantage to create the results you want and deserve for your team, organization, and life. 

How can I help you inspire peak performance—and turn stress into success?

"Dr. Lombardo is my
Head Coach for Happiness." 

- Shaquille O’Neal


Retrain your brain in minutes a day.

Read Dr. E’s latest research and resources:

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