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A Better Blueprint for Employee Engagement

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo (Dr. E)  is providing a new blueprint to boost employee engagement and prevent burnout. With her deep insights into human psychology and her transformative approach to addressing stress, uncertainty and change, Dr. E gives leaders a better framework for conversations and strategies that foster cultures of genuine commitment and enthusiasm.

Your people are your greatest asset, and recent data shows that they are struggling.  According to Gallup, 85% of workers are not engaged at work. Low employee engagement is associated with higher turnover, decreased productivity and a 37% increase in absenteeism, costing the US economy $350 billion annually. On the other hand, organizations with a culture of engagement are 21% more profitable. 

In this keynote, Dr. E draws upon years of coaching C-Suite leaders and high performing athletes, as well as research and science from her acclaimed book, Get Out of the Red Zone.  She equips leaders and individuals with the tools needed to overcome the hidden obstacles that hinder engagement. 

Creating an engaged company culture is not rocket science, but there is science behind it, and Dr. E helps audiences walk away inspired with their better blueprint of immediate,  actionable, science-based steps to drive greater success for themselves and the entire organization.

Key Takeaways:

Create a simple but profound blueprint to foster a productive, inspired culture and cause burnout.

Identify the hidden hurdles that prevent full employee engagement.

Discover the science behind brain hacks that are vital to a connected culture.

Develop an understanding of what drives your people to intrinsic engagement.

Dr. E has guided a number of Fortune 500 companies, presenting large-scale opening keynotes as well as running smaller workshops and exclusive executive roundtables. Previous clients include: Coca-Cola, Oppenheimer, Westinghouse, Solo Cup, NBC Universal, Deloitte, UBS, Lincoln Financial and many others.

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