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Inspire Peak Performance

Equip your leaders and teams to harness the power of the mind for better engagement, productivity, resilience, and more.

Trusted by peak performance-focused companies around the world

Watch leadership keynote speaker, and
“America’s Most-Trusted Celebrity Psychologist”
in action

Don’t just “manage” stress.
Master it.

Learn how to use change, challenge, and adversity to your best advantage.

As a sought-after sports psychologist, keynote speaker, author, and coach, Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo helps growth-geared organizations  transform on-the-job stress into bottom-line boosting performance—sharpening their competitive edge in the process.

Dr. E’s neuroscience-based research, practical mindset tools, and engaging stories are more than more than inspiring insights.  They’re powerful, actionable insights your audience will continue to leverage long after your event.

“Dr. Lombardo is one of the best, if not the BEST TOP Keynote Speaker I have had the opportunity to hear and meet, and I've heard a lot over my 40+ years in the military and industry. Had my attention from the start and never lost it.”

Michael Lynn, CMP, CMM, CEM, CME, CPC, CPECP
Executive Director
Global PEC Academy

Work to Win

A Better Blueprint for Employee Engagement

Recharge your entire organization by creating a culture of commitment and resilient enthusiasm. In Work to Win, your team will learn how to conquer stress, uncertainty, and change with science-backed action steps they can take today. Create greater employee performance and build a burnout-proof culture  with these timely takeaways.

Walk away with:

  • Simple steps to creating a productive, inspired organization.

  • Essential brain hacks for a connected, cohesive culture.

  • A stronger understanding of the drivers that motivate your team.

At the Office
Business Team

Get Out of the Red Zone

Transform Stress into Sustainable Success

Move your organization out of the stressful Red Zone and into the Green Zone—where productivity and engagement flourish. Workplace stress costs companies $300 billion annually in lost productivity, absenteeism, turnover, and more. But this pervasive problem doesn’t have to define your company. Gain breakthrough, science-driven insights on recognizing and moving out of the Red Zone, so your team can tap into peak employee performance—and turn stress into success. 

Overcome what’s holding you back by: 

  • Debunking the biggest stress myths limiting your performance.

  • Applying new, actionable techniques to use stress to your advantage.

Leadership from the Inside Out

Mindset training for high-performance leaders

Shift from stress to strength as you elevate your mindset—and your leadership abilities. Your daily thoughts, perceptions, and reactions have a transformative effect on your leadership impact. In this science-informed session, you’ll identify the internal barriers holding you back, discover how to unite your team around a powerful goal, and walk away equipped to inspire everyone you lead.

Sharpen your leadership skills by:

  • Uncovering the internal barriers sabotaging your connection with your team.

  • Learning how to encourage greater collaboration—and stronger momentum.

  • Developing the skills you need to lead anyone.


"At "The Oprah Winfrey Show", I met many transformational speakers and authors, and I can say with assurance that Dr. Lombardo's path to change is a phenomenal one. Let her show you how to get out of your own way, and get the most out of life! "

Candi Carter
CEO - Former Senior Producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show

Start stressing the good stuff

With a better blueprint for mastering your mindset.

Need help choosing the right keynote for your team, audience, or event?

Learn More About Your Leadership Speaker

Watch Dr. E’s keynote speaker events—then start planning yours.


“Your Inner Critic”

presented for TEDx


“Get Out of the Red Zone” 

presented for Red Lobster


“How to Forgive”

shared on The Today Show

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