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Create a culture of peak performance.

Employee experience consulting and training from Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo


Is stress burning your teams—or firing them up?

As a peak performance psychologist with over 20 years in the game, I can tell you for certain—not all stress is bad. 

A little stress at the right times can spark incredible ideas, game-changing innovations, and peak performance. 

But too muc
h stress puts your employees in the Red Zone—where tensions run high and burnout runs hot. 

Healthy, highly productive organizations don’t work to eliminate stress because that’s not a game they can win. They give their employees the tools they need to optimize stress—and enhance their mental health.

Mental well-being is an organizational investment that pays for itself, generating: 


in health plan savings, per employee.


greater employee retention.


less presenteeism (when an employee is at work, but not at their best, due to injury or illness).

The key to getting ahead?

It’s in your head.

(Or more accurately, in your teams' heads)

Dr. E’s highly tailored employee experience consulting program is based on her patented Neuro-Regenerative Training™ (NRT) model. NRT uses proven and actionable strategies, mindset exercises, and transformational mental muscle memory tools to rewire your brain—and spark peak performance.

Partner with Dr. E to:

Re energize your teams

Break through burnout

Improve retention 

Sharpen your leaders 

Boost your bottom line

“Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo delivered a really important message to our people today in talking about how happiness affects your ability to do great work. 
She gave some real practical tips that our people will take away and implement on a daily basis about how to change their perspective, change the lens that they are thinking about, and really learn the skill of how to be happy. We really appreciate Dr. Lombardo’s feedback to our group.”

Beth Mueller
Tax Partner, Deloitte Tax LLP


Start the Conversation

Book an intro call to talk about your concerns, current initiatives, and ideal outcomes. 


Define Your Goals

Get a customized employee experience consulting plan, built around your organization’s needs, goals, and structure.


Reignite Your Organization

Rechannel stress into success—for your teams, leaders, and individual contributors.

“Dr. Lombardo provides impactful and actionable steps to optimize your mindset for success.”

Matt Cowell 
Partner, HR Transaction Services

Build an organization that bounces back better.

Partner with Dr. E to start cultivating a healthy culture of resilience, retention, and results.

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