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Get Out of the Red Zone

Transform Your Stress and Optimize True Success™

The Red Zone is a state of being where heightened stress interferes with optimal functioning, in our professional and personal lives. Being in the Red Zone costs US companies over $300 billion annually on absenteeism, presenteeism, healthcare utilization and turnover (to name a few).

In this keynote, Clinical Psychologist and Transformative Speaker on Positive Psychology Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo (Dr. E) takes the audience on a journey to explore the Red Zone, applying her research-driven approach which breaks down the obstacles we face each day and provides strategic tactics to better manage them. She explains how mindset can change in the Red Zone vs. the Green Zone, how individuals can identify when a shift is needed, and how it can be leveraged for greater communication and success at work and home. Her simple, yet unique method provides participants with a new “language” to gauge how they are coping and provides different strategies to effectively lead themselves and others out of the Red Zone. 


Getting “out of the Red Zone” enhances emotional intelligence, boosts mental well-being, and increases productivity by 31% and sales by 37%.

Key Takeaways:

Recognize when you and others are operating in the Red Zone.

Learn research-driven approaches to break down mindset obstacles.

Understand how to best manage/use stress to your advantage and lead others out of the Red Zone.

Dr. E has guided a number of Fortune 500 companies, presenting large-scale opening keynotes as well as running smaller workshops and exclusive executive roundtables. Previous clients include: Coca-Cola, Oppenheimer, Westinghouse, Solo Cup, NBC Universal, Deloitte, UBS, Lincoln Financial and many others.

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