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Hello, my True Success Warriors!

My life mission is to help people before they need the proverbial shrink couch. As such, speaking and media interviews are a big part of how I spend my time. Because I am often quoted in some really great articles, I want to make sure I am sharing with you.

This week I had the honor of being featured on Market Watch about Generation X. These are individuals born between 1965 and 1980. So many people in this generation are finding themselves at a “dead end” when it comes to their jobs. They have been working at their companies for all these years, made their way to the top and are wondering, “now what?” Gen X’ers are often asking themselves if they are feeling fulfilled with what they are doing.

On the flip side, there are some people from Generation X who have been working numerous different jobs over the years and are finding themselves in a mid-life crisis. “What am I doing here?” “Why am I wasting my life at a job I hate?” “Is there still time for me to chase my dreams?”

If you would like to read the whole article with other great insights click here.

Want to learn more?

Here are some reasons why are Gen X’ers so unhappy at work:

  • The pressure of more senior roles.

  • Fewer roles in the senior positions (“Narrow at the top” and the potential need to move for a position they want).

  • Lack of creative freedom.

  • Trying to find a balance of work and personal life, with guilt when they are focusing on one and not the other.

  • Managing Gen Y, with their focus on fulfillment and meaning. It can cause Gen X to feel resentful.

  • The focus of workplaces on Millenials, rather than Gen X.

What can you do? Try these strategies:

  • Focus on engagement: Look for ways to align your values with what you do. While this may mean changing jobs, it can often mean changing your focus. For example, if leading is a value that is important to you, can you mentor someone- at your job or outside of work?

  • Identify what you like to do and find ways to do more of it. If you love to be creative, look for ways within your job- or within your company- that you can be creative.

  • Set boundaries and drop the guilt: When you are home, be present with your family and friends. When you are working, focus on work. Give yourself a break that you have to “do it all” and, instead, be present with the task at hand.

  • Drop the negative filter (focusing on what is wrong) and find positive things about your work. For example, perhaps there are a few people at work that you like spending time with. Appreciate and cultivate those relationships.

I also did a series on my Youtube talking about Generation X and some common conceptions about us.

If you are in Generation X and are feeling like this is hitting home, share your story in the comments below. I really want to start making my page more of a community and the best way is for me to hear from you guys and get the conversation going!

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