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Bringing the Right "Energy"

During the excitement of the Super Bowl a few weeks ago, everyone’s focus was not only on the team but also on Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. During one of the interviews, Travis Kelce was asked what he learned from Taylor as an athlete. He responded that he learned to always bring the right “energy.” 

What kind of “energy” could an NFL all-star and an international pop star have in common? In reality, they’re pretty similar. The “energy” he’s referring to is how you show up and what you bring to each training session, practice, and competition. It’s what drives you to give your all, whether you play 17 football games in a season or perform four nights in a row.

Developing this “energy” means ensuring you’re physically, mentally, and emotionally ready whenever you train or compete. If you're not prepared enough, it can affect your motivation, focus, intensity, or even your overall performance. It can also affect how you interact with and support your team. 

Look at Taylor Swift, for example, since she inspired Travis Kelce. Not only does she bring top energy for the three hours each night, but she also has to be prepared for any technical difficulties, make sure her dancers and band feel supported, and still have energy afterward for any other endeavors she might be working on. Things fall apart if she doesn’t prepare herself to be available and present physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

So, how can you ensure you bring the right “energy” to whatever you do? 

Pre-Practice/Pre-Competition Preparation

First, you must be in the proper mindset before entering the competition. Ensuring you come into any situation with the right mindset is vital to seeing success, and having the appropriate routine to put you into that mindset can make all the difference. It sets the tone.

A routine can incorporate visualization, goal-setting, and positive self-talk with physical preparation like stretches. Multitasking will help you minimize the time you need to prepare, although you should not rush this process. Being consistent with this routine will also help your body and mind know it needs to be ready. It will become second nature. 

Take a moment and think about what helps you feel prepared, motivated, and confident. 

During Practice or Competition

Focus is critical to performance. By being focused and motivated to perform well, you’re already setting the baseline for that successful “energy” everyone wants to follow. 

Just remember to have that energy at practice, too. It can be easy to save everything for the big game or a major competition, but if you’re not showing that intensity during training, you might not be physically or mentally ready for it come the big day. 

Practice is more than just strength training or studying strategy. It’s about being prepared for whatever comes your way with the safety of a practice setting, where mistakes can be corrected and tried again. 

After Practice or Competition

Take the time after practice or competition to reflect and recharge. 

Reflecting on your practice or your performance in a competition allows you a moment not only to see where you can improve but also to celebrate the moments where you did well. Too many people will focus solely on the negative and beat themselves over mistakes. You can’t consistently bring “good energy” if you’re constantly focused on that. See those moments as opportunities to improve. Save the rest of the energy to celebrate the little victories. 

Don’t forget to rest and recharge. Resting enough after practice or a competition is as important as warming up beforehand.

Have the Right Support System

Very few things are as important as having the right support system, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish in life. From coaches to teammates to support staff to your family, make sure you’re surrounded by people who encourage and support you. 

If a member of your support system is not bringing energy to your life, look to see what they need to do to increase their energy or find ways to minimize interactions with them during high-intensity moments.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Most importantly, remember to have fun. It may sound cliche, but if you don’t enjoy what you do, you’ll never have the drive and energy to succeed. 

When you see successful people like Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce at the top of their game, you can see that they still love what they do, even if they’re posting a ton of focus and work. So, enjoy yourself.

Bringing the right “energy” to anything you do is your mindset. It’s about making sure you are focused, motivated, and prepared while also feeling safely supported by those around you to enjoy what you’re passionate about. It’s a conscious effort, but whether you win or lose, you will always come to work with a smile. 

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