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Leadership from the Inside Out

Leaders improve when their mindset and actions are aligned. 

When you think about great leaders you often read about traits like authenticity, communication, collaboration and the ability to be visionary. However, none of these characteristics are truly possible if you don’t lead from the inside out. 

Because actions are determined by your thoughts, elevating how you perceive situations and people can change everything. Leading from the inside out may, in fact, be the single most important ability for a leader to possess, and yet most people are never taught these vital skills. Your mindset can make or break your leadership success.

In this keynote, Clinical Psychologist, Transformative Speaker and the person Shaquille O’Neal calls his “Head Coach for Happiness,” Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo (Dr. E) uses relevant stories and cutting-edge research to explore how to optimize leadership from the inside out. She also draws upon data from her acclaimed book, Get Out of the Red Zone, to provide strategies for leading out of stress and beyond the fear of uncertainty. Audience members will walk away with immediate, actionable strategies to motivate emerging and diverse organizational talent, exceeding your annual company objectives.  

Learning Objectives:

Uncover internal barriers that sabotage interpersonal relationships within your team.

Discover how to bring out the best in others to powerfully work toward a common goal.

Learn to shift from overwhelm and stagnation to innovation and achievement.

Develop skills to inspire anyone, no matter how difficult or demanding they may be.

Dr. E has guided a number of Fortune 500 companies, presenting large-scale opening keynotes as well as running smaller workshops and exclusive executive roundtables. Previous clients include: Coca-Cola, Oppenheimer, Westinghouse, Solo Cup, NBC Universal, Deloitte, UBS, Lincoln Financial and many others.

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