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books by elizabeth lombardo

Get Your Team
Out of the Red Zone

Optimize Results 

With stress levels at an al-time high, your team members are not able to function at their peak performance.  Research shows that for every dollar spent on supporting mental health, there is a $4 return on investment. 

Dr. E provides your leaders and team members immediately actionable tools to address mental well-being, helping individuals and the organization as a whole.

books by elizabeth lombardo
books by elizabeth lombardo

Support Your Team

So Your Organization Can Thrive

With over 80% of employees looking for a workplace that supports their mental health, how are you addressing this issue?


Do you have resources to:

  • Talk about mental health in ways that are comfortable and non-stigmatizing?

  • Support your organization in boosting their mental well-being?

  • Offer immediately actionable tools to help team members improve their mental health?

  • Give your leaders the tools to best support team members who are struggling?

If not, contact Dr. E today to discover how you can become an organization that truly supports its employees, leading to better engagement, retention and, ultimately, profits.

dr elizabeth lombardo

Help your organization get out of the Red Zone

dr elizabeth lombardo


Language to speak about mental health in a comfortable manner

Destigmatize mental health issues 

Creating a climate of trust and authenticity

Flexibility and open communication

dr elizabeth lombardo


How to engage in top-down vulnerability

Purpose-driven focus

Leading others who are in the Red Zone

Addressing their mental well-being while support their teams

dr elizabeth lombardo


Immediately actionable strategies to better cope with distress

Better understanding mental health issues

Appling proven neuroscience techniques  

Individualized blueprints to address mental well-being, proactively and reactively

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