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Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo brings an unparalleled energy to stages around the globe by actively engaging audiences. Her knowledge in cutting-edge research, relatability, story-telling and humor provides entertainment and actionable strategies for attendees’ to create sustainable change.

Known as America’s most-trusted celebrity psychologist, Dr. E has worked with several Fortune 500 companies presenting large-scale keynotes as well as moderating/Emceeing, virtual presentations, leading workshops and hosting executive roundtables with an audience count of 5 to over 5000. She is a regular contributor to top media outlets such as The Today Show, Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, Forbes and The New York Times.


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Virtual Presentations 


Creating the New Normal

Optimizing your mindset is integral to your success in the present and future.​

Utilizing Dr. E’s patented True Success Formula, you will discover the three essential ingredients to creating the New Normal by developing resilience to take a step ahead now. In cultivating a positive mentality, creating meaning and integrating it into your life, and enriching relationships with others, you will be equipped with the internal and external resources to advance your leadership.

You probably already know that Dr. E offers solutions to individuals, teams and organizations to discover immediate, actionable skills to boost effectiveness at work and in personal lives. See for yourself by watching the video to get an overview of her effective strategy in Creating the New Normal.

Learning Objectives:

Name the three pillars of the True Success Formula to apply each in your life.

Apply the actionable strategies that get you out of the “Red Zone” to feel and function better right now.

Formulate personalized action steps to help you create your New Normal to advance in your personal and professional lives.


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Keynote Topics 


Leadership from the Inside Out

Leaders improve when their mindset and actions are aligned. 

Based on Dr. E’s patented Neuro-Regenerative TrainingTM (NRT), your audience will discover a unique formula to mastering mindset and corresponding actions so that they can become better leaders in their personal and professional lives. Because actions are determined by your thoughts, this presentation focuses on identifying and overcoming obstacles to strong leadership. When a leader rewires their brain, they boost leadership performance.

Dr. E provides practical tools to cultivate leadership from the inside out, even during stressful times.

Learning Objectives:

Discover self-awareness, including one’s inner critic, and the habits of effective leadership

Model behavioral leadership that is authentic to one’s personality and benefits team communication and organizational growth

Tools to create a customized leadership action plan to implement immediately (regardless of time constraints) to accelerate engagement

Discover the application of Dr. E’s True Success™ Formula to lead with purpose while maximizing impact and positive results


Creating a Culture that Embraces and Thrives from Inclusion

An optimized sales mindset boosts revenue.

Inclusive companies are 120% more likely to hit financial goals. And 1.7x more innovative Diverse teams are 87% better at making decisions.  Companies that have a highly inclusive culture have 2.3x more cash flow per employee.


In addition to just being the right thing to do, the data is overwhelming for why inclusion is vital. The question arises, how can you create an environment that is truly inclusive?


The answer is from the inside out. In order to create a culture that embraces inclusion, we need to start within the individual, specifically their mindset. Why? Because what goes on inside your mind impacts every interaction you have in the outside world. 


In this presentation, audience members will discover the three vital ingredients to create and sustain an inclusive culture. These are: get out of the psychological Red Zone, cultivate unconditional self-worth and addressing cognitive fabrications.


Dr. E takes audiences through this training so that they leave with specific skills to change their mindset, resulting in a culture of true inclusion.

Key take-aways:

The pivotal mindset factor that determines inclusion that no one is talking about.

Specific action steps to help transform your mindset, resulting in greater success for you and your organization.

Three (3) vital ingredients needed to create an inclusive culture.


Happiness at Work 
to Accelerate Results

Happiness is vital to the success of an organization.

Harvard research shows that happier employees experience a 31% increase in productivity, a 37% increase in sales and 15 less sick days/year. The beauty is that happiness is a skill that can be learned with this powerful training.

Through relatable stories, Dr. E teaches specific skills, based on her bestselling book, “A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness.”  In her entertaining keynote, you will discover how to boost happiness in the workplace to optimize employee engagement.

Learn about happiness at work from Shaquille O’Neals’, “Head Coach for happiness”, Dr. E!

Learning Objectives:

Modify the impact of an individual’s inner critic to the culture of the organization

Recognize the powerful role of happiness in accelerating results and gaining an organizational competitive edge

Identify the true obstacles to happiness at work (they are not what most think!) in order to maximize results

Learn the process of creating an individualized action plan to cultivate personal happiness as well as the overall happiness of the organization


Dr. E’s energetic style, sense of humor and warm demeanor make her an engaging host, emcee and moderator.


"Elizabeth was received very well!! She was full of excitement and vitality. She kept the group awake, involved, spoke directly to them about their passion. I had several physicians ask if we had any of her books on hand which regretfully did not. Elizabeth left the group with positive thoughts and tools to take with them and hopefully many took advantage of the link she provided. Elizabeth is a great speaker! I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed having her speaking to our group."

Terry Cox 

National Cardiovascular Partners


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